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Sleepyhead: Sleep + Stress Gummies

Sleepyhead: Sleep + Stress Gummies

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Winged is a Women's Wellness brand based out of Florida. These products are formulated exclusively for women by women and are filled with mood-boosting herbs and botanicals. Winged has also made a consistent effort toward giving back sending 9 girls to college last year with a goal to double that this year. 

This full size jar comes with 60 gummies (a 30-day supply). Sleepyhead is a delicious, vegan gummy that contains calming herbal extracts and amino acids to fall asleep and improve sleep quality without morning grogginess. Sleepyhead contains a synergistic blend of nutrients like:

- Lemon Balm and L-Theanine to help settle the mind and calm down from the effects of caffeine.

- Melatonin, Jujube and Passionflower to nudge into sleep.

- GABA, 5-HTP and L-Theanine to support sleep-enhancing neurotransmitter production and support alpha brain waves during REM sleep, for deeper, more restful sleep.

- Female-specific Chaste Tree protects against hormonal swings that can interrupt the sleep cycle.


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Launched 12/28/23

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