Gourmet Popcorn (15 Flavors!)


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This insanely delicious gourmet popcorn is popped fresh by a small business in Phoenix, Arizona. Each bag contains 6 cups of popcorn and comes in a resealable bag - good for 120 days before opening! All flavors EXCEPT Cookies & Cream are made from gluten-free, non-GMO corn. All snacks are FINAL SALE.

Chicago: Our top seller! A blend of caramel and cheddar, but instead of a 50/50 mix, every piece of popcorn has caramel and cheddar coating to enhance the flavor explosion in each bite. Note: the packaging says "Caramel 2.0" but it is Chicago style! Contains milk, soy, and tree nuts. 

Bourbon Pecan: Another top seller! Layers of caramel coated, oak and vanilla flavored popcorn that will cure your sweet tooth without impairing your ability to drive. Mixed in decadent cinnamon sugar toasted pecans. This dynamic duo is rich in flavor with the perfect amount of crunch. Contains milk, soy, and tree nuts. 

Cheddar: You won't find a better cheddar to please the cheese lover in your life. Each piece of popcorn is bursting with sharp, creamy tastiness to create a bold, savory treat. Contains milk and tree nuts. 

White Cheddar: An elegant, subtle flavor for an upscale taste sensation. Contains milk and tree nuts. 

Jalapeño Cheddar: A spicy twist on the classic and savory cheese popcorn. Every bite has a satisfying zing along with the creamy, crunchy goodness. Contains milk and tree nuts.

Flaming Hot: "Heat" level is ~5 out of 10. Doused with spice and classic crunch, it also has a hint of cheesy goodness. Contains milk and tree nuts.

Loaded Baked Potato: The perfect savory combination. Each piece of popcorn bursts with cheddar cheese and sour cream flavor topped with real bacon bits and chives. One bag might not be enough! Contains milk, soy and tree nuts. 

Cinnamon Roll: A beautiful blend of caramel with cinnamon and white chocolate drizzle. This is over the top delicious. Contains milk, soy, and tree nuts.

Churro: If you are a fan of cinnamon, this flavor is for you! This classic combination is a rich, buttery snack bursting with cinnamon sugar in every bite. Contains milk, soy, and tree nuts. 

Birthday Cake: This festive flavor brings together the sweet taste of creamy vanilla birthday cake, in a candy-coated shell, with sprinkles on top. Our mouthwatering Birthday Cake popcorn is a classic sweet treat with a delightful crunch. The best part is that you don’t have to wait for a celebration to enjoy. Contains soy and tree nuts.

Tooty Fruity: A flavor just as fun as it sounds. A mix of six distinctive fruit flavors that tastes like Skittles! Enjoy them one at a time or all at once. Contains soy and tree nuts. 

Coffee Toffee: This flavor will take you to your favorite boutique café for a sip of creamy comfort. Gourmet coffee fullness mixed with buttery rich toffee to create a candied delight. Truly original and unbelievably tasty! Contains milk, soy, and tree nuts.

Dill Pickle: An exhilarating twist on a classic flavor. Tangy dill packs a punch of salty, sour flavor. Contains milk and tree nuts. 

Salt & Vinegar: Give your taste buds the brilliant flavor of Salt & Vinegar Popcorn, a proper treat. Enjoy a perfectly balanced tangy sensation that will make you pucker with delight. Be careful, your mates may try to nick this sensational snack. Contains soy, milk, and tree nuts. 

Butter Almond Toffee: The perfect blend of butter and toffee with the most legit toasted almonds you have ever had. Contains soy, milk, and tree nuts.

Everything Bagel: Everything bagel seasoning on top of a creamy white cheddar. Contains milk, sesame, and tree nuts. 



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